Animals and COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, animals have been very present in the media. The reason being that they¬†play an essential role in our world, most often this goes unnoticed but in tough times importance of animals becomes more visible. A few examples, animals have been related to the very origin of the disease, … Read more

If I enjoy a steak, am I killing the planet?

Almost every day, we can see headlines warning us about how dangerous Green House Gases (GHG) produced by cows are for the Earth. You can see an example here. According to those headlines, eating beef is one of the main causes of global warming, then, in order to stop or even reverse it, we should … Read more

The Hamster Wheel Dogs

Humankind has used dogs in many different ways in history. It is even possible that dog domestication had its roots in their abilities as guards: To have some dogs around that would alert you if dangerous predators or hostile tribes were approaching was worth sharing some leftovers. Regardless of how dog domestication happened, the number … Read more